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Measured Building Surveys

Measured building surveys are required under a number of circumstances for example, at the initial stage of a project for project feasibility and cost planning studies, for Planning and Building Regulations Applications, internal space planning purposes and also as a method of providing a record of information to assist in maintenance, schedules and identification or building areas under a lease.

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We prepare all plans and drawings in Computer Aided Design  format so that they can be transported with ease and used as base information for progressing design in respect of building extensions, alterations and for preparing information to be submitted under statutory applications e.g. Planning Permission, Listed Building Consent, Building Regulation Approval, Fire Certification.

Refer to our Statutory applications and consents section.

We are able to undertake measured building surveys on a variety of properties, ranging from modestly sized residential dwellings to large commercial and industrial premises.

All survey reports are provided in paper copy, and or electronic format for ease of transfer between parties.

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