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New Dwelling Snagging - Building Surveys

Satisfactorily completed or notSatisfactorily completed or not?

Most new dwellings have cover for certain defects under an insurance backed warranty scheme such as Premier or NHBC . Many homeowners/investors believe that these warranties cover all aspects of their dwelling and whilst it is true to say that the insurers will inspect the property periodically during construction, these inspections are not necessarily designed to cover quality of construction.

The insurance backed schemes should ensure that major items are dealt with. However, it can be very difficult to get either the insurers or the developer to deal with minor snagging items, particularly once contracts have been exchanged and the properties have become occupied.

Our Snagging inspections and reports are intended for new build dwellings. The inspections are designed to ensure that the property has been constructed and finished in accordance with the respective Scheme’s technical standards, British Standards, legal and statutory requirements, such as Planning and Building Regulations and to our own high quality expectations.

Our report will clearly identify snagging, disrepair and non-compliant items in an easy to understand format, setting out what is considered to be reasonable repair/remediation.\

By commissioning a snagging inspection prior to completion of the purchase the dwelling owner/investor will be in a strong negotiating position with the developer who should be keen to address any concerns raised in order to secure the sale.

All survey reports are provided in paper copy, and or electronic format for ease of transfer between parties.

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