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SAP Explained

SAP is the acronym for Standard Assessment Procedure and is the methodology used to assess and compare the energy and environmental performance of new buildings and also existing buildings proposed for extension or change of material use.

SAP quantifies a building’s performance in terms of energy use per unit floor area, a fuel-cost-based energy efficiency rating (the SAP Rating) and emissions of CO2 (the Environmental Impact Rating).

These indicators of performance are based on estimates of annual energy consumption for the provision of space heating, domestic hot water, lighting and ventilation. Other SAP outputs include estimate of appliance energy use, the potential for overheating in summer and the resultant cooling load.

We hold the required Level 3 Diploma in On Construction Energy Assessment and are certified to undertake SAP assessment calculations for both new build dwellings and also existing buildings proposed for alteration, extension and or change of material use. We use the latest 2012 edition of SAP under Regulation of the Stroma Certification scheme which involves complying with Stroma quality assurance Regulatory and Auditing procedures.



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