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U-Value calculations & condensation risk assessments

U-Value defined – as a measure of heat loss in a building element for example walls, floors and roofs. It can also be referred to as an overall heat transfer co-efficient and measures how well parts of a building transfer heat. So this means that the higher the U-Value the worse the thermal performance of the building envelope or element of the building envelope. A low U-Value would indicate high levels of insulation.

U-Values are important because they form the basis of any energy or carbon reduction standard. Nearly every external building element has to comply with thermal standards which are prescribed under Building Regulations and proof that certain elements will reach these standards will often be requested by Building Control. Undertaking U-Value calculations at the design stage will avoid expensive re-working later on in the project. This is of particular relevance for projects which operate under a Building Notice. Refer to our Statutory Applications & Consents page for more on Building Notice work.

Condensation risk assessment – applies in this context where moisture can form within a building’s elemental make up at the dew point location and this is technically termed interstitial condensation. This condensation related issue can result in reduced insulation performance of a building element, failure or the degrading of building materials over time and also internal dampness related issues. Mitigating against this type of condensation will involve assessment which, for best effect, should be undertaken in conjunction with preparation of U-Value calculations at the design stage. Retrospective correction is often very invasive and carries significant cost implications.

We would gladly undertake U-Value calculations and also incorporate interstitial condensation risk assessments for client produced bespoke insulation systems and can also provide guidance and make recommendation of appropriate thermal element systems which will deliver in terms of thermal performance and structure depth, which is of great significance for example when insulating internal of the building envelope.



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